Frequently Asked Questions


Due to the shortage of Timber Worldwide all Leading Door Manufactures (Bulk Manufactures and Exporters) have all change their production line to LEV.

LEV timber is now the new Technology of making doors which is also a very expensive way which means it’s not inferior.

Which range is constructed using Tech LEV design?

All Platinum doors are constructed as Tech LEV design (Techline Laminated Engineered and Veneered) . The Platinum range is also Guaranteed for 5 years (please refer to Suppliers T&C Conditions)

What sizes are your interior doors?

All interior doors are available in two standard door sizes 813 x 2032 and 762 x 2032

What sizes are your Exterior Solid panel doors?

All Exterior Solid panel doors are 813 x 2032 in size

Do you paint the doors?

All doors are supplied untreated (Painted or Vanished) .The deep mould range (Canterbury, Classique, Colonist) is supplied with a undercoat finish.  The finish coat must be done by the Contractor, Builder or Home owner.

Do you offer Fire Doors?

Half Hour fire doors are also available in the interior range.

What are the standard sizes for your Exterior Glass panel doors?
All Exterior Glass panel doors are 813 x 2032 in size.

Is the glass supplied with the Exterior glass doors?        

All Exterior glass doors are supplied without glass (glass quoted on request)

Why should Pivot Doors be under Cover?           

The cill of the frame is flat and if water hits the door it runs down and blows into the house.

On a Pivot Door where should the Hinge be placed?

The size of a Pivot doors shown on our website is 1210 x 2032 and hinge position should be 200mm from the edge of the door which will give you a 1m door opening.

Do all Pivot Doors Include Glass? 

All Pivot doors shown on our website exclude glass, except for the SABU Pivot which includes 5mm toughened glass.

How do I get Glass, Hinges etc. for my Pivot Doors?

Pivot frames and locks, hinges, handles and glass will be quoted on request.

Must we measure the openings before we cut doors?

Not a stupid question many mistakes are made prior to actually making sure ALL the dimensions are correct for the unit to be installed.

Do prices include VAT and Glass installation?

Yes – all prices are inclusive of VAT and NO Glass installation is exclusive.