A tradition of solid value



Lotus Amoretti is proud to introduce the new Red Grandis Collection into its product range.

Red Grandis, a 100% red hardwood, reflects the proper use of forestry and has been certified as FSC pure. It is grown under stringent regulations ensuring that plantations are well managed with consideration for the future of people, wildlife and the environment.

The Red Grandis Collection consists of solid hardwood doors, offering outstanding value in any setting, whether external or internal. They are manufactured to the rigid high standards that have become the hallmark of Lotus Amoretti.

Timber is a product of nature which reacts to moisture and climatic changes. Our products should therefore be treated with the same care as a piece of finely crafted furniture.

Handling and Storage

Doors and windows should be handled carefully to avoid physical damage.
Store products under cover in a dry, ventilated building.
They should be stored flat (Never on edge, or on end.)
Doors and windows should be protected from dirt and damage.
Doors should not be exposed to any direct sunlight because of harmful U-V rays.
Heavy bollection doors should be stacked with spacers to avoid damage.

On site Handling

Protect doors and windows during site operations as outlined previously. Products should not be stored or fitted in a building until all wet trades are finished and dried out.


Immediately after fitting and PRIOR to hanging the door, apply two oats of Lotus Sheen to all edges (including top and bottom, all 6 sides, cut-outs for locks, etc) to prevent absorption of moisture.

Finishing Recommendations

  • Clean door surface with fine sandpaper and cloth.
  • Apply first coat on all edges and sides.
  • Store flat in closed area.
  • If required, a maximum of 6mm can be equally planed off all four edges.
  • After preparation for fitting, re-seal all planed edges.
  • After hanging, seal with 2 final coats of Lotus Sheen.
  • NB! If a door is painted, or a black stain applied, it will fall out of the manufacturer’s warranty.


Inspect the condition of all internal and external joinery, especially the decorative and glazing system. Carry out remedial work as required and treat annually with Lotus Sheen Wood Sealer. The best care is taken with the products prior to and during shipment to you. An untreated and unfinished wood product is susceptible to expansion and contraction caused by variances in both temperature and humidity. Lotus Wood Products are transported unsealed and unfinished and the natural characteristics of wood movement cannot be warranted against.

Lotus Amoretti Wood Products are warranted for 5 years from the date of dispatch to be of acceptable material and workmanship and to be free from defects.

Should the products be found to contain defects, Lotus will, at its discretion, either:

  • Repair any product without charge, or;
  • Replace any product without charge in the same unfinished, untreated state it was originally supplied, or;
  • Refund the purchase price providing that written notice has been given to Lotus Amoretti Wood Products within thirty (30) days of receiving the product and before the product is installed or treated in any manner.

Exclusions from this warranty:

  • Natural variations in colour, texture or surface checking of wood are not considered defects.
  • Failure to adhere to the installation, treatment and care instruction as laid out herein.
  • Purpose made joinery which extends 2 032mm in height.