HS7 Supawood Interior Door


Finish: 6MM MDF Smooth Finish Un-Primed Supa -Wood Doors
Standard sizes:

813 x 2032 x 40 mm.
762 X 2032 X 40 mm.
813 X 2032 X 40 mm Half Hour Fire Rated

Price quoted is on 813 x 2032 x 40 mm option, enquire for other options.
Door Prices exclude glass, hardware and door frames
Prices are VAT inclusive and can change without prior notice

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Wooden Interior Doors standard sizes are 813 x 2032 x 40 mm.
Custom Door sizes available.
Our fire doors can be manufactured for a half hour fire rating.
Fire spray any interior door with a clear or white half-hour fireproof spray (SANS approved).
Door faces can be finished with hardboard, veneer or supawood.

Additional Information

813 x 2032 x 40