HS5 Supawood Interior Door


Finish: Smooth Finish Un-Primed Supa -Wood Doors
Standard sizes:

813 x 2032 x 40 mm.
762 X 2032 X 40 mm.
813 X 2032 X 40 mm Half Hour Fire Rated

Price quoted is on 813 x 2032 x 40 mm option, enquire for other options.
Door Prices exclude glass, hardware and door frames

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Wooden Interior Doors standard sizes are 813 x 2032 x 40 mm.
Custom Door sizes available.
Our fire doors can be manufactured for a half hour fire rating.
Fire spray any interior door with a clear or white half-hour fireproof spray (SANS approved).
Door faces can be finished with hardboard, veneer or supawood.
Exotic veneers such as Maple, Cherrywood or Beech can be manufactured.

Prices are VAT inclusive and can change without prior notice

Additional Information

813 x 2032 x 40